User-statistics with Piwik
The open-source Analysis tool Piwik, that stores a Cookie for the duration of seven days on the user’s hard disk, is put in for the rise of statistical data over the utilization of this web page. With the transmission of the statistical data, none of personally related data are recorded. All data will be saved on the server of the supplier, Yamagiwa Corporation in Japan.

However, users have the possibility to reject the use and handle of their data-already anonymous. Please remove or set the below-mentioned hooks in order to deactivate as well as activate Piwik- Analysis. Hereby, an Opt-Out Cookie is stored or deleted.

You can decide here whether an unambiguous Web analysis-Cookie can be set aside in your browser in order to make possible the capture and analysis of different data for the operator of the web page.
If you would like to decide against it, click the following link to cast off Piwig-deactivate Cookie in your browser.

Your visit to this web page is currently grasped by Pigwik Web Analysis. Click here not to make your visit be grasped any more.